Sabor Verde means ‘green taste’ in Spanish. This brand name was deliberately chosen as our products contain only 100% fresh ingredients. We don’t use any other additions such as dried ingredients, water, preservatives or e-numbers. So 100% clean, 100% pure and as fresh as it gets.

Our consumer products (150 grams and 57 gram cups) are tenable for 45 days in your refrigerator. After opening we advise to consume within 12 hours.

Food service products can be kept in your freezer for 2 years. 

High Pressure Processing (HPP) is the answer! Our products are vacuum packed at high pressure. This process eliminates all microorganisms but keeps the nutritionals and great taste. This way your favorite Sabor Verde products stay fresh and free from preservatives for 45 days in your fridge. And if stored below 18 degrees you could even make that 2 years (!). Preservatives and food waste? No thanks! Just fresh and natural avocado magic, please.

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